Best Kigali City Local Markets

Kigali is a very clean city and comprises of various local markets where you can go and buy some souvenirs to take back home to your family members and friends as well. The Kigali Fabric Market is absolutely one of the best and if you need a beautifully made dress in Kigali, you are highly recommended to find your way here. Kigali fabric market is of course a street of shops in the area called Town Town (there is Town, and then there is Town Town). Each shop is set back from the road with big metal doors where they hang fabrics to entice you in. There are different prices for the fabrics – generally based on length and popularity of the print. Almost all of the fabric is Kitenge though you can also spot a few Ankara pieces. Kigali is indeed a very lovely city and the fabrics are stunning – everything here is just fabulous.

Kimironko Market

The vivid Kimironko Market is housed in a large warehouse complex, with four equidistant entrances. It is located in the Kimironko neighborhood of Kigali, and it is the busiest market in town especially in the early afternoons. The market comprises of all sorts of handmade gifts and souvenirs that you may want to shop however you should get rid of the local crowd at the market. A section of the market hosts vendors selling fruits, vegetables, meat, and spices. Vendors here sell produce from all over East Africa (Rwanda, Uganda, and Kenya), and the Democratic Republic of Congo, well as locals from all over the city head here to stock up on fruits, vegetables, fabrics, clothing, shoes, and general household necessities. This is the place to experience Rwanda at its liveliest.

Kigali City Market

This Kigali City Market, also known as Nyarugenge Market, is situated in the downtown of Rwanda’s capital city, Kigali. It is a large market of which outside the main market, stalls sell everything from meat and fish to sunglasses and household items. But it is once you get inside the structure that you will see fruit and vegetable stands extending in every direction. Packed with carrots, onions, potatoes, lemons, cucumbers, herbs, spices, dried beans and anything else you can imagine in extraordinary abundance, there is no wonder why locals and visitors alike choose it for their grocery shopping. Hire one of the local guides to lead you around on your first visit and have great fun.

Gikondo Market

Gikondo Market, in Kigali, has a length of 0.34 kilometers and it is a place where Kigali’s “undesirables” – street vendors, sex workers, homeless people and beggars – are taken, beaten and arbitrarily detained. Their offense, they are told, is they make the city look dirty. Gikondo Market will offer you a variety of organic produces and products at an affordable price.

Caplaki Craft Village/Market

If you are looking for a shopping experience that will always remind you of Rwanda, Caplaki is your perfect option. It is a place full of handmade crafts, fabrics, beading, weaving, carvings, ceramics and textures coming out of Africa not to mention the glorious bright colors that represents this seductive continent. Everything comes from the people of Rwanda, drawing inspiration from the culture and customs. Due to the number of shops here, prices stay competitive, and you can bargain your way to a suitable deal. This association of more than 40 stalls has banded together to market itself as Caplaki, although every stall is an independent business. As you would expect, there is a great selection of Rwandan handicrafts on sale, but you will also find lots of carvings and masks from the DRC, banana-fibre products from Uganda and many other items from Kenya.

Kigali Farmers’ & Artisans Market

Kigali Farmers’ and Artisans’ Market (Kigali-FAAM) is a business created to bring together farmers and artisans operating in Rwanda with the aim of bridging the gap between producers and consumers. The market provides a direct connection to farms, nurseries, bakeries, meat and seafood providers, cheese makers, specialty food producers, crafters and artisans. Kigali-FAAM operates a market that contributes to the success of local artisans, food growers and producers and creates vibrant community gatherings. The success for the vendors is the market’s primary objective. Listening and learning from vendors and shoppers produces outstanding farmers markets where vendors prosper and communities thrive.

Gahanga Market

Gahanga market is nestled in the suburbs of Kigali (Rwanda’s capital) about 20 kilometers from the city centre – in the southern province of Kicukiro District. The market is well connected with the city centre and the Bugesera International Airport. Gahanga’s good topography and its splendid landscape are one of the fascinating things you will enjoy ahead of shopping from the local Gahanga market.