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The Brachetto Restaurant is a modern Italian restaurant in a cozy and classy atmosphere with an amazing list of premium cocktails and an unrivaled wine selection from Italy, France and South Africa. Brachetto is one of Kigali’s finest restaurants and uses the freshest and high-quality local ingredients. Combining these flavorsome elements with rare and imported items provides for a unique dining experience in an elegant and tranquil setting. Brachetto has the most diverse and unique wine and spirits list in Kigali, with well over 100 references. Strategically selected from France, Italy and South Africa and beyond, Brachetto’s wines – carefully chosen by in-house Sommelier, Alessandro Merlo – provide ample choices for even the most experienced wine connoisseur. What Brachetto does do really well is the food and wine. And, when it comes down to it, it’s those things that are the most important!

Heaven Restaurant

This is both a restaurant & boutique hotel in Kigali – one of the most favorite hotels in the city. Heaven is more than a restaurant & boutique hotel; it is a social enterprise as it helps Rwanda develop its most important resource; its people. Prosperity creation is one of Rwanda’s many challenges, and Heaven provides employment that sets a national standard for service excellence and food quality. Heaven is located in Kigali’s city center with breathtaking views and incredible food. Heaven is proud to be “Made in Rwanda”, and the restaurant was custom-built by local crafts-people showcasing Rwandan arts & crafts that support artisan cooperatives throughout the country.

The property’s international menu features Rwandan-influenced recipes, and it regularly hosts cultural events for all to enjoy. Heaven Restaurant is known for its international cuisine with local Rwandan & African flavors. It works closely with local farmers, focus on quality ingredients and cultivate an onsite organic garden where its hands pick fresh herbs and lettuce daily. The restaurant has recruited executive chefs from all around the world since its opening to invest in training its Rwandan cooks and take great pride in the quality of its food and the innovative menu it has created. From the restaurant’s cocktails to its guacamole and then to its mango panna cotta, every client enjoys the variety, freshness and creativity of its recipes. Heaven has been the top-rated restaurant in Rwanda for years due to its ambiance, extraordinary food, fantastic views of Kigali city from the property’s outdoor terrace, and warm and attentive service.

Zen Restaurant

You are warmly welcome to Zen Restaurant in Kigali! The Oriental fusion menu has influences from Japan, China and Thailand and beyond. The restaurant comprises of a menu that combines Pan-Asian flavors to create dishes that are original and more importantly tasty. This is the first restaurant in Rwanda to introduce Dim Sum and Sushi. Zen Restaurant is a pioneering Oriental fusion restaurant and bar where the control of the dining experience is placed firmly in your hands. Its target is to offer delicious cuisine with charming and timely service in a warm and vibrant atmosphere.

The Zen restaurant was founded in Kigali in 2010 and has since become one of the most distinguished restaurants in the capital of Rwanda, Kigali, offering a unique approach to the restaurant, lounge and nightlife experiences. Accessible yet sophisticated, Zen restaurant has redefined the modern Oriental fine-dining experience. “Modern authenticity” is at the heart of everything from the design of its rich, sensuous interior to the execution of its modern menu, and the style of service, which is always impeccable. The staff at Zen Restaurant is committed to offering customers a fantastic dining experience with a taste of warm Oriental hospitality.

L’Epicurien Restaurant

The pleasure of this table is to discover French dishes to those who do not know them, but also to please those who already enjoy them! It is a trip or a return to the country that the restaurant shares around a plate and a good glass of wine, as a couple or with friends. The restaurant’s setting is really nice – nicely decorated, nice indoor seating, nice bar, nice patio seating – just a nice place to be, and above all this is its wonderful menu. The wait staff is professional and friendly, and the chef/owner will be available to welcome you and answer some questions that you will be having about the menu. It’s always nice to have a quick little greeting from the restaurant’s owner or manager. At the restaurant, enjoying your meal, you will be listening to good music which is not too loud or offensive in any way. L’Epicurien is thus a fantastic little spot with great food and nice ambiance – it is an ideal place to bring a date or one’s spouse.

Cucina Restaurant

Cucina Restaurant is a lovely elegant restaurant, the décor is beautiful, and along with the Italian music it leads to a great atmosphere. Savor delectable pastas, mouthwatering risottos and flavorful, authentic Italian dishes paired with a glass of wine in this relaxed, modern restaurant in Kigali. Cucina features fine dining in a welcoming, contemporary atmosphere with impeccable service.

Sole Luna

There is a small Italian island in Rwanda. In Kigali, the restaurant, Sole Luna, was found in 2001 and is still managed by Dionigi, together with his Rwandese wife Beatrice, and provides the best Italian specialties in a comfortable setting. Pizza, pasta, meat, seafood and more, cooked according to traditional recipes. Using the best authentic ingredients straight from Italy and those carefully selected at the local market. A classy and relaxed atmosphere, comfortable and faraway from the city’s noises, an ample bar where you can enjoy Italian wines and amazing cocktails, wide terraces to relish the restaurant’s dishes while enjoying the nice weather. To meet the needs of its usual customers, the restaurant also offers take-away services.

The Hut Restaurant

The Hut is both a restaurant and a boutique hotel as well, situated in Kigali. With a ride variety of cuisine, including fresh seafood and fish and breads baked daily on site. The restaurant’s menu boasts a wide variety of well-spiced curries, catered to represent flavors from all around the world. Staff will compensate for food allergies, and you can finish off a meal with a dip in the on-site outdoor swimming pool. Its cuisine include; African, International, Indian and Burger cuisines. Guests at the restaurant will take advantage of the free Wi-Fi, thus you will stay connected to your colleagues and you will also be able to do your online businesses. You will also enjoy your favorite wines and beers at a well-stocked bar nestled a bit of to the side from the dining area. The Hut has a lot of things that you really can’t get anywhere else in Kigali, thus this should be your first option in Kigali.

Soko Restaurant

This vibrant restaurant is found at the 5-stars’ hotel in Kigali, Marriott hotel, featuring all-day dining with live “cooking theaters” in a bright, airy atrium style environment. Both buffet and a la carte dishes are available at the restaurant and there is a terrace where you will dine out from. The restaurant showcases a wide range of dishes from Asian, Indian, Middle Eastern, Western to African cuisine. On weekends from 11:30am to 4:00pm, come to Soko Restaurant for a sumptuous brunch that you can enjoy with your family or friends. You will enjoy a great meal with regional bottled beers, soft drinks, and house wine.

Food lovers and weekend revelers has a range of options to spice up your days, nights, and weekends, thanks to Kigali Marriott Hotel’s weekend brunch and theme nights. The most exciting addition to Kigali Marriott’s weekend brunch is its extravagant champagne option. Marriott is the first hotel in Kigali to offer a champagne brunch and all brunches carry with them free swimming pool access, thus giving families and groups of friends a great day out. However, kids can also play in the newly opened bouncy castle to burn off that extra weekend energy.

Khana Khazana

The Indian influence is quite noticeable in Kigali, and for one of the best authentic Indian food experiences, Khana Khazana is a perfect option. The golden-lettered ‘’Khana Khazana’’ sign is easy to spot while walking around Kiyovu. There is no view to speak of, but you probably won’t want to raise your head anyway, what with all that delicious food in front of you! As seems to be in the guide to running an Indian restaurant, the entire staff is dressed in traditional Indian attire, or at times belly-dancer outfits. Surely there are few other places you will find a friendlier staff and a more tasteful menu than here. For a guaranteed pleasurable dinner, this is definitely the place to come to. With filling dishes at reasonable prices, speedy service and a great atmosphere, Khana Khazana will surely become a place you will return to again and again.

You will often find large tables of Indian families at the restaurant, but for a more tranquil dining experience, you might want stay clear of the weekend. The menu is large and varied, offering most of the classics from the Indian cuisine, as well as a small selection of Chinese dishes. Unlike in many other restaurants in Kigali, they are very rarely out of anything, and they are more than happy to modify a dish or come with educated food suggestions. The staff is well trained, polite, accommodating, and have actually learned the menu! Of course, the absolute epitome of the staff’s dedication becomes evident during the birthday-ritual of which you will find no equal in all of Kigali – just tell them it’s your friend’s, fiancé’s, or parent’s birthday, and wait for the fun to start.

Repub Lounge

Best known as one of Kigali’s most atmospheric restaurants and bars, Repub Lounge is renowned for serving delicious meat dishes as well as respectable cocktails at a favorable price. The setting is classy and casual, with several cheerily decorated dining rooms and a splendid deck out the back. The décor is adorable and the chairs are beautifully crafted, all offering you a comfortable stay. Besides the restaurant serving delicious meals, it also commands majestic views of Kigali city.

Poivre Noir

Poivre Noir is a convivial place, dedicated to the love of best foods in Kimihurura, Kigali. Whether you are a gourmet or an epicurean, whether you enjoy classic bistro cuisine or you are simply curious and open to culinary discoveries, you are more than welcome at the restaurant! Poivre Noir is all about enjoying and sharing. In 2014, guided by their love for the finer things in life, Nathalie and John, who are partners in life but also in business, decided to open a restaurant in Rwanda, of which in March 2015, Poivre Noir opened its doors. Traditional bistro cuisine, with a touch of creativity is on the menu; bistronomy has arrived in Kigali. To Chef John, the most important is to be able to use locally sourced products, and to offer just the right cooking, the most delicious sauces and dishes that are as much of a treat for the eyes as for the palate. Nathalie enjoys spending time attending to guests, and she will be more than happy to talk about the wines she has picked for the wine list or about one of the signature cocktails to match one of John’s creations. They are both hoping to see you all at their table again very soon!

The Bistro

The Bistro rooftop Restaurant and Lounge Bar offers all variety of International gourmet cuisines from burgers to pastas to steaks and the intimate lounge bar settings commands fantastic views of Kigali and is a great place to relax and unwind. The bar also has a great selection of wines and cocktails to suit every guest’s taste. You can relax and unwind at The Bistro while enjoying the mouthwatering European / Continental cuisine of The Bistro. Undoubtedly one of Kigali’s best regarded restaurants, The Bistro has an extensive menu for all tastes from European classics, to Asian belly-warmers to Chef’s famous sizzlers. If you are brave enough, don’t forget to add some of the mouth blistering house made chilli sauce. The Bistro is open throughout the day for an extensive breakfast spread right through to a romantic candle lit dinner for two with the city skyline spread out just for you. Be it business or casual, The Bistro has a mood to suit all.

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